Mary Elizabeth is an author, inspired speaker, and story teller based on her experiences.  Her travels along the way include sixty teaching trips to Europe. She is the author of Handbook for the Emerging Woman, Jumping Mouse, and her recent release, Walking with Cosmic Dancer Joseph Rael. Her books have been translated in seven languages: Spanish, German, Turkish Hebrew, Norwegian, French, Korean and Portuguese. In addition, she has been featured in a few international magazines including New Woman, Live Lyst, Human Potential, Libelle, Onkruid, and Hjemmet.

Mary Elizabeth has spoken to a wide range of audiences including: 1990 International Peace Conference (the Hague) Mythic Journey Conference(Atlanta), Whole Life Expo (New York and Los Angeles), Woman and Power Conference(London), Association for Research and Enlightenment (Virginia Beach), Center for Recovering Families (Houston), Festival of Mind, Body and Spirit (London), International Day of the Woman (Madrid), the Academy of Medicine (Amsterdam), and the Nidaros-Fonder, the Medical Congress in Trondheim, Norway.  Mary Elizabeth has had 60 teaching trips to Europe.

For thirty years, my Texas friend, Lynne Paine M.E.D. LPC joined with me, her Virginia friend, to co-taught together many seminars and retreats for women. Locations for the retreats included places like Galveston, Texas, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Hydra, Greece. Topics for the retreats varied such as: Release Your Fire: boldly claim your gifts, Changing Woman: a wise woman asks herself what do I keep? and what do I release? Phoenix Rising: a Greek Experience in transcending limitations and Be a wise choicemaker: mold in clay the story you are now creating.

During the retreats, we listened to each person's story: their dreams, guided reveries, insights, myths, and spontaneous drawings. (Drawings played a key role when I became a certified Simonton Cancer Therapist in California and discovered that spontaneous drawings by-pass the linear mind and get information which otherwise could take weeks or even months to uncover.) The take- away from the retreat programs was deep bonds, joy, waking to that which is soulful and true for each person ... and knowing our limited story now becomes the greater story.

From a difference perspective and during an earlier era, I also co-taught for thirteen years with the late Paul Solomon, an international teacher who created a course in spiritual growth entitled Inner Light Consciousness, ILC. This course became global quickly. Not only was Paul a gifted speaker but he opened the doors to others who wanted to travel and teach ILC in many countries of the world. Some of the subjects included in this class are meditation, spiritual journaling, and dreams. Though there were many beautiful memories during my sojourn with Paul, the peak experience for me was the Holy Land trip, which included Israel, Egypt and Jordan. We were indeed an eclectic group of twenty or so pilgrim travelers who were fortunate enough to be at the right time with the right person (Paul) to be our guide. His brilliance, insights, and depth of knowledge left us all amazed. No doubt, for most of us, ours was a life-changing experience.

A later experience and one quite different from those with Lynn and Paul was co-teaching for ten years with Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, a mystic and visionary, from the Picuris and Ute Native American people. Joseph, who was not able to read until he was 12 years old, later earned his M.A. in Political Science at the University of Wisconsin. Joseph and I would teach several weeks each summer. During that time, we would be in Virginia Beach, Colorado, New Mexico, England, Norway, or Holland. What interested me in being with Joseph was the opportunity to step into an ancient culture and gather the stories along the way. Though Joseph is described in so many ways, I see him as a visionary and mystic. In fact, the first time I met Joseph, we both we were walking in opposite directions. We stopped for a moment. There were no words. I learned later that he saw me in flashes of light, glimpses of what would be in the future. And I saw him as an ancient one, a mystic who is merged with the Heart of God. The gift of being with Joseph is that I am a story teller and was able to gather stories along the way. Even more important, my late son John, was able to participate with us.

There is a touching silhouette of John 6’ 7” and Joseph 5’ 6” walking up a hill together in my new book which will be published soon. The title is Walking with Cosmic Dancer, Joseph Rael. One story of John is he always loved animals and wanted to see a coyote once he was in New Mexico. Out of the blue, Joseph asked John to walk up with him and he would teach John how to call in coyotes. They were not gone long before they returned. I didn't ask any questions, for that was men's stuff. Two days later, everyone in our group was staying in rented adobes in the middle of Santa Fe. It was night time and as usual, John was awake and drawing on his very small deck. Suddenly John was knocking loudly at my door. Mom, mom, look out the window. You won't believe what is happening. There they were. Three coyotes staring at us as if to say, "You called? What do you want? We're here."

This biography is not written in a conventional style. Rather, it is a collage of some of the most meaningful moments in my life. It is important, though to include that I graduated from the University of Richmond with a BA in English and a minor in fine arts and religion.

Mary Elizabeth Marlow is not a counselor or therapist. 

Mary Elizabeth Marlow is not licensed with the Commonwealth of Virginia.