Understand your life story and re-write your next chapter.

Beginning February 12th, 2019 come be part of a unique opportunity to experience a powerful process for putting the pieces of your life story together in new ways that can lead you from old limiting stories to new amazing stories. You will explore how each of the following session topics can help you better understand your life story and re-write your next chapter.

Location: 903 Goldsboro Ave., Va. Beach, Va. 23451

To Register: Send $195.00 to the above address.

Dates of class: Tuesday, February 12th, 19th, 26th; March 5th, 12th, & 19th.

Time: Tuesday evenings from 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Contact Mary Elizabeth at memarlow9@cox.net

Brief description of each session below.


Everyone has important events from their childhood that effect their life. We will be exploring decisions we made about ourselves and others because of these early experiences and the changes they set in motion. To quote Einstein, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them. We are compelled to explore the new mind required to today’s challenges.” 


All families have certain generational patterns which can be helpful gifts and/or tendencies of weakness. Often our family patterns are overlooked, unconscious and/or ignored. During this session you will learn how to identify both a generational pattern which strengths your current story and a “passed-on” story, which could weaken your current story. Learn from both creates new options for changing and rewriting the next chapter in your life’s story.


Plato said “Change is your ally”. He also said there are two very different kinds of change that occurs in our stories. We have “reasonable change” (such as we understand we will grow old) and “unnecessary change” (often unexpected change, like a life-style different that one we once expected). In this session we will take the time to list and explore these two kinds of change, heighten our awareness, learn to accept what is real and what is not, and learn to live more authentically in the present moment.


Ma Cho Ha, the Tiwa language of Native American, teaches 3 steps to release a pattern which no longer belongs in our stories. Ma means something stops, e.g., we end an earlier way of thinking. Cho tells us that we untie (quickly or gradually) the pattern or belief we once accepted. Ha means we are ready to become a choice-maker and begin to launch a larger destiny in our story. This session will guide you to apply these simple steps of Native American wisdom to make significant changes and updates to your own life story.


You can actually learn how to Edit while you are in the middle of your present story. Session 5 will help you review where you were when you started this program and where you are currently. You will be able to better appreciate how many pieces of your story seem to fit together and how you can influence and change your story. An essential missing piece may not yet be placed in your story. We need support: a buddy, a partner, or a small committed group, to thrive and come into the fullness of your power. And together…we will discover how to do that.


In session 6 we discover that once support is there, we become Recipients of Grace. The call of Grace beckons and stirs deep within each of us and helps us face the challenging changes in life. The call of Grace may come from a dream, an inspired story, or something you have always wanted to do, but refused, for any number of reasons. With Grace, we feel the fire in our belly – are clear about what is soulful and true for us, and empowered with creativity, joy, and an openness to infinite possibilities.