Sante Fe Summer


 New Mexico, the “land of enchantment “ became one of John’s favorite places to visit, photograph, and paint.
Since his sojourns to Santa Fe were typically during the summer, he wanted to capture the exquisite palette of colors this season brings. 

Stardust Memory


 Stardust Memory captures John’s extensive understanding of tonality and the relationship between light and shadow, light and dark, and all points in between. 

American Beauty


 American Beauty was inspired by John’s interest in portraying two boats, both painted with bright white paint. He skillfully teases out the subtle graduations cast by shadow, reflections, and light, then pens their distinction.  

Surfin' Safari


Though John was not a surfer, he loved to watch the surfers dance on the waves in Virginia Beach. He memorized the graceful movement, rhythm, intense focus and playful spirit, all an integral part of the unique Surfin' Safari. 

Aufkläring (Enlightenment)


 John’s version of enlightenment, he combines seemingly contradictory and opposing images which converge in oneness, an awareness that transcends duality, ignorance, prejudice or superstition. In the end, the light of truth is what endures. 

Moon on Fisher's Creek

 There was no room for error in the series of pattern drawing exemplified here in Fisher’s Creek. The inherent stillness and beauty of this natural setting made this one of John’s favorite places to enjoy.


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