Programs by Mary Elizabeth Marlow


The following are some of the titles and descriptions of the programs Elizabeth offers. In addition, group seminars or retreats may be specifically designed for your group. We also offer Online Web/Conferencing. For further information contact Elizabeth Marlow. 

Drawings and Sculpting

Spontaneous Drawings


Reading Soul Patterns through Impromptu Drawings is an original model created by Mary Elizabeth Marlow. These drawings are a window to the soul. They go direct to the heart of the matter, by-passing the linear mind and revealing deeper levels of the psyche. In a very real sense they are cryptograms, coded messages from the inner self. Spontaneous drawings reveal the soul’s code, the unique imprint of an individual with his/her challenges and possibilities. Learning to read these drawings is a subtle art.

For some thirty years, including some sixty trips to Europe and widespread travel in the United States, She has fine-tuned the art of interpreting spontaneous drawings and enjoys sharing this with others.

For more details contact Mary Elizabeth.



Mandala is a Sanskrit word for “magic circle”.  Thus, any circle drawing, whether it is done for meditative or artistic reasons is a mandala. Each and every mandala is a product of a specific person in a specific setting at a specific time.

In this seminar, Mary Elizabeth will guide you in a ritual to create your own individual mandala. The patterns, symbols, colors and images in any given mandala are keys to understanding which of the twelve stages you are dealing with at the present time.

A slide show of mandalas gathered over the years will demonstrate the uniqueness and diversity in circle drawings.

Clay Sculpting


There are times in our lives when we arrive at points when we lack the creativity and vision to generate new options. We become stuck in forms that limit possibilities.

During this seminar you will sculpt in clay your present story (no art ability required). This process enables you to gain new insights about your story and the interplay of archetypes, challenges and possibilities.

After reviewing your clay sculpture, you will use new insights to "think out of the box" and reshape your original model into a form which reflects a creative and inspired future in the making. In so doing, we become one who knows what to release and what to preser


Understanding Your Dreams


The late Edgar Cayce, renowned psychic and seer, called dreams “the safest path to spiritual growth”. Approximately one-third of our life is spent sleeping. And when we sleep we dream, six to eight dreams a night, whether we remember them or not. The question is do we want to waste a third of our life?

When we take refuge in sleep, we go home. We touch the Infinite Source of soul knowledge and are given dreams which speak to us the way wise teachers have always spoken, in story, parable and metaphor. It is an opportunity to learn a seven step process of dream interpretation. This concise method for working with dreams enables you to trust and understand your dreams. Thus, dreams become your best friend.  

Dream Circles


Dream Cirlces are an experience in sharing and exploring dreams with others in a safe and supportive environment. The focus of the circle is to become a man or a woman who can travel in other realities and perceive, understand, and apply the soul wisdom of their dreams.

Our Dream Circle is an on-going group of no more than ten persons who share dreams weekly. Members commit to a six week session. (New members are added as space is available.) Check the Schedule Page for updates on the next Dream Circle.

Each dream circle begins with a prayer or meditation. Every member of the circle has an opportunity to touch-in with a brief summary about anything relevant in their current life. Those who shared dreams the week before are asked to comment on any new insights about their dream. They also report back as to how they were able to apply the wisdom of their dream. Usually, one or two new dreams are shared during an evening. The Circle ends with a closing prayer or meditation. 

Advanced Dream Study


For all of us, there are those special moments when something deep and soulful touches our heart. It happened to me many years ago when a friend and I spontaneously decided to enter the doors of an Episcopal Church in New York City. The morning service had not yet begun. Once seated, I casually opened a prayer book when words suddenly jumped out at me, "You come to me in dreams and visions in the night and you hear me not." I immediately turned to my friend who just happened to be Dr. Michael A Daddio, dream expert, and said, "Let's leave. I am ready now to study Dreams…" and so began a journey in the dream world which continues to this day…This Advanced Dream Study is for those who once heard the clarion call to listen to their dreams and are eager to expand their dream journey. 

Metaphors, Myths, and Storytelling

The Mythological Realm


There are four levels of the psyche: sensory, psychological, mythological and spiritual. Each level is important in its own way. Our particular focus is the mythological realm.  We learn to de-code metaphors, recognize wounds and gifts, place our story in a more expansive context, gain insight on how to deal with mythic challenges, and uncover keys to discern the deeper teachings in any myth. In so doing, we align with our higher destiny and live life more connected to soul. 

Metaphoric Mind


Metaphors are the language of the soul. Meta-phor in Greek means “carrying across”. It is that which bridges the gap between matter and spirit, that which links two worlds together. Transformation takes place through metaphor. Without metaphors, energy is locked in repetitive patterns.  Myth reminds us that Medussa traps energy into stone. On the other hand, when we are in the creative matrix, metaphors flow between spirit and matter, and our internal split is healed.

Mythic Journey


Long before modern man invented any of the “ologies” (sociology, theology, psychology, anthropology, etc.) the essence of human experience was expressed in dance, paintings, ritual, and story. Myths remain relevant because they tell our story, individually and collectively; most importantly, they speak to the soul. They guide, protect, help, comfort, enliven, challenge and encourage us. 

We will explore the elements of the mythic journey and understand the difference between the hero’s journey and the heroine’s journey. Together, we will also explore a myth where unexpected things happen, where opposing forces meet, where the known encounters the unknown. 

Woman's Wisdom Circle


To call on our feminine wisdom, we summon the ancient stories and myths about women. When we hear them, something deep inside resonates, stirring mysterious chords of memory.

Come join in this circle of wise women, here we are free to dialogue about the insights we glean from the stories and where we value the wisdom that each woman brings to the circle. 

Woman's Circle is also offered as an in-depth seminar or retreat, using the modalities of clay and or drawings.

Reclaiming Your Magical Child


We were born a magical child….We were spontaneous, full of wonder, imagination, play, fantasy and creativity. Somewhere along the way, some of that magic was lost.

It is affirming to know that Nothing is Ever Lost in Spirit. The magic lies waiting for us to call it back. Using stories, play, inner processes, drawings and ritual we will reclaim that which was temporarily lost. Our intent is to recover the knowing that is in us and rekindle our personal power that can flow in the midst of all things and never be exhausted. Come to be valued, to play, to laugh….to see yourself with new eyes and reclaim your magical child.

The Art of Listening Within


This seminar will encourage and inspire anyone who has struggled with trust. As we pinpoint The Seven Keys to Inner Listening you will gain clarity about your own inner process, reawaken innocence, and trust in yourself.

For example, when we trust our inner self and learn to deal with doubt, we are less likely to be mislead or thrown off balance or pulled in conflicting directions. We trust our feelings and thoughts …we know joy, creativity, love and liveliness.

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Spiritual Journaling


Recoding the journey of the soul using Spiritual Journaling has long been a practice for students of the deeper mysteries. The purpose of the Spiritual Journal is to help you become a conscious co-creator of all you experience in life. This system of “spiritual bookkeeping” brings new awareness to the metaphors, lessons, cycles, turning points, and initiations in one’s life. By using the journal format, we learn the art of reflection and inner dialogue. We listen to life. We see our life through a different lens, for our story is indeed unique. Wonderful in its own way. And with a new perception, it is possible to release what no longer serves and live more fully that which is soulful and true. 

Inner Light Consciousness


ILC is a course in spiritual development created by the late Paul Solomon, a world renowned spiritual teacher. He once said that we have both a lifetime intent and a soul intent. The lifetime intent has a specific purpose for that particular life. The soul intent is ever the same for everyone: to grow to mature and become one with God.   

This course has been taught globally including America, Japan, Europe, Australia and South Africa. I owe a great deal to these teachings, for they have been the corner stone for my spiritual journey. For thirteen years I was privileged to travel and co-teach ILC with Paul in Israel, Holland, England, California, Texas, New York and Virginia Beach. 

Three Important Questions


When all is said and done, perhaps there are three questions we must ask ourselves: 

  • How can I love more fully?
  • What am I here to give?
  • What am I here to heal?

This setting is a sacred space which allows reflection on life’s questions.  It invites learning, truth, laughter, kindness and wisdom. Through stories from the mythic realm, ritual, spontaneous drawings and inner journeys, we will discover what has been forgotten or suppressed in our depths….and return transformed or with something of value. With a shift in consciousness, we become aware of synchronicities and come into communion with the larger life around us.

Mary Elizabeth Marlow is not a counselor or therapist.

She holds no license with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Mary Elizabeth Marlow is an author, inspirational speaker and story teller based on my life experiences.