“ The Call”
                       Ways to Hear God

Fall In Love with Change

“We are compelled to explore the new mind, required to today’s challenges”

~ Einstien

Come be part of a unique opportunity to experience a powerful process for putting the pieces of your life story together in a new way. It can lead you for old limiting stories to new amazing stories. You will explore how each of the following session topics can help you better understand your life story and re-write your next chapter.

Upcoming Six Series April to September.

Different topics in each session.

Session 1

 Saturday, April 27

We will explore childhood experiences and the change they set in motion, knowing that problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.  

Session 2 

Saturday, May 25

All families have certain generational pattens.  They can be helpful gifts  or tendencies to weakness.  Change and rewrite the next chapter of your current story.

Session 3

 Saturday, June 29

Plato said, “ Change is your ally.” He also said there are two very different kinds of change. Learn what is real and what is not and learn to live more authentically in the present moment.  

Session 4 

Saturday, July 2

Ma Cho Ha, the Tiwa language of Native American teaches 3 steps to release a pattern which no longer belongs inner stories.  It will guide you to make significant change and updates to your own life story.

Session 5 

Saturday, August 31

Reflect where you were and where you are now. Edit and appreciate how many pieces of your story seem to fit together.  Observe how you can influence and change your story.  

Session 6 

Saturday, September 28

Once support with each other is solid, we become recipients of Grace.  We feel the fire in our belly, and are clear with what is soulful and true for us.  We are we empowered with creativity, joy, and openness to infinite possibilities.  


Session 1 : Saturday, April 27, 2019

Session 2: Saturday, May 25, 2019

Session 3: Saturday, June 29, 2019

Session 4 : Saturday, July 2, 2019

Session 5: Saturday, August 31, 2019

Session 6: Saturday, September 28, 2019


2 -5 p.m.


$20 per session

To Reserve your place call

Marilyn Mattingly



11102 Chancellor Walk Court

Virginia Beach, VA 23454

For more information, contact

Mary Elizabeth Marlow




  • Learn a seven-step process of dream interpretation
  • Keep an easy and fun journal of your dreams
  • Decipher messages in people, metaphors and symbol
  •  Learn how to take the fear out of nightmares
  • Realize it is possible to transform a dream while you are in a dream
  • Discover the meaning of a repeating dream

Approximately one-third of our life is spent sleeping.  When we sleep, we dream six to eight dreams a night, whether we remember them or not. The question is do we want to miss a third of our life?  When we take refuge in sleep, we go home.  We communicate with the heavenly realms and are given dreams which speak to us the way wise teachers have always spoken, in story, parable and metaphor. It opens the way to increased self-understanding, identification of problem solving, creativity of which you are unaware, and much more. This program is clear enough to interest those who want to begin dream work and complex enough to fascinate even the most advanced student of dreams. 

“My own personal dream experiences since early childhood combined with lifelong study, plus sixty teaching trips to Europe, has indeed guided and deepened

 that which is soulful and true for me. “   

~ Mary Elizabeth

Future dates coming soon.

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Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) is a member of the Picuris and Ute tribe. He is a visionary, mystic, a keeper of ancient wisdom, and has the soul of one who has merged with the heart of God. 

Joseph is often described as a Cosmic Dancer a multidimensional being whose dance in life is choreographed by universal consciousness   

With Joseph we are encouraged to become infused with light, excited about new possibilities, the discovery of the next mystery and our Vast Self…and amazed as we become a Cosmic Dancer guided by Higher Mind.    

Thus, Joseph inspires us with his teachings and in his humble approach to life: 

" That night in the underground kiva, the ancient teachings were passed from grandfather to grandson."

"When one fully enters the moment and looks through the eyes of the innocent child, the memories of all become available."

“I just work here and do what they tell me to do." 

"In truth, weare not here in the way we think we are."

He is also an author of many books, a speaker, and global teacher who has traveled and taught in Australia, numerous European countries, and in many US states.